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Why You Should Add Facebook Open Graph to Your New Website

TypeA works with a lot different companies that contract with third-party vendors to design their websites. Some use large web firms; some use boutique web firms. Some are re-launching existing websites. Some are launching brand-new sites for new divisions or initiatives. Regardless of the circumstances, there is one issue that comes up again and again: Facebook integration. And no, I’m not talking about simply slapp
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What We’re Buzzing About at TypeA

Sometimes we get so focused on churning out great work that we don’t stop and look at the big picture of what’s happening in our industry. Here’s a peek at the news we’re buzzing about right now… 1.Five Luxury Brands Winning With Content Marketing…don’t you want to know who they are? We sure did. Bergdorf Goodman and Gucci’s latest social media efforts prove that, yes,
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5 Social Media Tips From BlogWell LA 2012

Here at TypeA, we are constantly churning out new content—which means keeping up with the changing tide of social media on a regular basis. That’s why we recently attended the BlogWell conference at USC’s Davidson Continuing Education Center. On December 5, 2012, socialmedia.org hosted more than 150 representatives from multi-million dollar brands. We met with our colleagues at Coldwell Banker and listened to some gr
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Luxury Lifestyle, Real Estate and Social Media: They Do Go Hand-in-Hand

We don’t always share what’s happening with our clients, but we thought we should share this piece of exciting news:  Coldwell Banker Previews International®, the luxury division of Coldwell Banker, officially gone social!  The brand has launched a Facebook Page, Twitter profile and revamped blog–Previews Inside Out. Now, the Previews social media platforms arrive at an interesting time: approximate
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The Power of Infographics

Infographics are 30-40 times more likely to be viewed and shared on social media compared to text. Last week, I stumbled upon this staggering statistic while I was eavesdropping on the Twitter stream of the #inmancontent webinar. Now, much has been written about infographics in the land of content marketing. Infographics–typically visual representations of complex data or information–are favored among top
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Social Media Clock

5 Ways to Create Social Media Efficiencies for Small Businesses

Things are heating up at TypeA this week…and it’s only Wednesday. We already helped launch a national social media campaign, fielded new business referrals and created a “social media mood board” (our version of a strategy). It’s busy. It’s hectic. It’s dirty work (but someone’s gotta do it).  Weeks like this always inspire a re-evaluation of business priorities, especi
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Why Pinterest?

Someone asked me the other day, “Why Pinterest?”  I nearly spit out my Skinny Caramel Macchiato. I wanted to shout: “Because it’s awesome! Because it gives me great ideas for organization! Because it gives me style inspiration! Because it keeps my creativity fresh! Because it keeps me from getting bored while I’m waiting in the insanely long line at Starbucks!” Instead of saying an
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