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Latest Happenings from the TypeA Workshop: Summer Solstice Edition

Someone once said, “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” Of course, “the best” is relative when it comes to the changing of seasons. After all, not everyone is a fan of flip flops, summer whites and longer, lazier days. (Although they should be!)  For us, we love the promise of sangria Sundays, summer beach concerts and afternoon bike rides for no other reason than it seems more fun in the sum
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Design Spotting at The Beverly Hilton

On May 22, TypeA attended a party at The Beverly Hilton to celebrate two feats of design: the hotel’s redesigned Aqua Star Pool by Estee Stanley and Domaine, the newly unveiled home site from Katherine Power, Hillary Kerr and Mat Sanders.
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Latest Happenings from the TypeA Workshop: April 1 Edition

  Scenes and highlights from the TypeA workshop in March: 1. Being asked to “pitch” for a well-known hotel. (Major TypeA milestone…that’s all we can say!) 2. Susy working like a maniac to complete her blogs waaaay ahead of schedule. (Hey Susy, you’re giving writers a bad name. We’re supposed to be procrastinators!) 3. “You nailed it,” a client said in reference to our w
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