TypeA Traits



We work closely with our clients to set up metrics that align with their overall business goals. After all, if we can’t objectively measure the success of our content, how can you?



Content marketing without a plan? Crazy talk. We create content marketing strategies for you, so you always know the direction you’re headed.



Your time is valuable; our time is valuable. Efficiency is our middle name. Repurposing that white paper for a blog? Done. Using technologies that cut lead times in half? Done and done.



We’ve been known to get obsessed with our projects. Occasionally, we might even lose sleep over them. At least you know we care.



If necessity is the mother of invention, then competition is the mother of innovation. Healthy competition stops complacency and pushes us to reach a higher standard.



TypeA people have been called “controlling,” but we like to think of ourselves as “influential.” We love to help our clients have influence over their brand stories.


    Lifelong Learners

We are rabid consumers of information and observers of pop culture. Our perpetual quest for new ideas means we are constantly coming to your table with a fresh approach.



Remember the saying, “No risk, no reward”? Content innovation rarely comes from doing the right thing; it usually happens when you’re doing the bold thing.



We question, learn, grow, repeat. To say we’re experts in content marketing implies a static “we know all there is to know” attitude to a niche that is always changing.



Have you ever had a “hunch” you didn’t trust, but later regretted it? Yeah. We don’t do that. When it comes to content marketing, logic takes us only so far. We follow our intuitions to create content that speaks to people.