Meet the Team

Alyson Pitarre

Arbitrary Facts
  • Founder + Chief Storytelling Officer
  • Master’s Degree in Professional Writing
  • Wrote a Screenplay
  • Yogi in Heels


lyson founded TypeA in 2009 with the crazy idea that she could tell stories for a living. Since then, she has been focused on delivering fresh ideas and impactful brand stories to her clients, which range from Coldwell Banker’s global luxury program to top real estate agents and boutique firms in the luxury lifestyle sector.

After graduating from Pepperdine University, Alyson plotted out an unconventional career path that merged the marketing, public relations and journalism worlds. As a freelance writer, she wrote articles about real estate and home design. She worked at a marketing firm for nearly eight years, fine-tuning the art of brand building, copywriting and public relations. She parlayed her marketing and journalism experience into a full-time publicist position, placing client stories in The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Interior DesignELLE DÉCOR, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record and many more. Eventually, she realized she wanted to focus full-time on her true passion — telling stories — and went back to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. Alyson has been published in Builder & Developer, Contract, Las Vegas Home & Design, Las Vegas magazine, Ventura County Star and the Los Angeles Times under her own name, as well as Environmental Design + Construction, Urban Land, Los Angeles Business Journal and numerous other publications under clients’ names. Her stories have won Hermes Creative Awards, inspired online conversations and most importantly, made clients happy. The end.

Jaymi Naciri


Arbitrary Facts
  • Storyteller
  • 25+ Years Writing Experience
  • Loves Her Two Kids
  • Spends Way Too Much Time on Houzz


aymi Naciri can’t hold a tune or draw anything beyond a stick figure—two skills she has always longed to have. What she can do is write. So she has, every day of the last 25-plus years.

Jaymi’s career has included stints in copywriting, public relations, creative direction, marketing management, and editorial. Through it all, she has maintained a sense of wonder and professionalism, balancing the two through her appreciation of the written word and the impact it can have.

After writing about a wide array of topics including college basketball, Olympic wrestling, retail sales, healthcare benefits, famous chefs, microsurgery and financial services, Jaymi has returned her focus to two of her favorite topics: real estate and interior design. Creating content that helps to make home listings sing, discusses the latest industry trends, and weighs the merits of the latest trends in kitchen countertops—in between shuttling two growing kids around town—is a pleasure for Jaymi. She’s simply grateful that she gets to do what she loves. And do it on a Mac.

When not writing, Jaymi spends her time fixing up her home, doing many, many loads of laundry, and can always be convinced to go out for dinner if there is spicy tuna involved.

Fran Fahey


Arbitrary Facts
      • Picky Proofreader
      • Fine Freelancer
      • Sorta Semiretired
      • Devourer of Noir Crime Novels


ran is an editor with over 30 years of experience in human resources, government, and business. She attempted to retire from her career in 2006, but got really bored with doing New York Times acrostics, so she started Fran’s Fine Editing. Each morning, Fran dons her L.L. Bean duds and boots up her PC to help other business owners (including TypeA) and individuals polish their copy and buff up their resumes.

Fran has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer. She is a board member of her local chamber of commerce and belongs to several professional associations that no one seems to have heard of. She lives in scenic Easthampton, Massachusetts, with her wife, Jean, and a passel of adopted animals. In her free time, she dabbles in flash fiction and enjoys researching her family history.