Susy Klass

Susy_Klass Arbitrary Facts

  • Creative Copywriter
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Poetry
  • Obsessed with Mid-Century Modern
  • Loves Animals

Susy comes to Type A with a 15-year background in professional writing and a lifelong side-passion in animal whispering. The writing portion of her life began at Western Michigan University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Poetry. Knowing her dream of writing poetry in NYC coffee shops likely wouldn’t be fruitful in the income department, Susy turned to advertising to sow her creative oats. To her surprise—she loved it. Over the years, Susy’s career took her to agencies that included J. Walter Thompson in Detroit and Saatchi & Saatchi in Los Angeles, where she gained invaluable experience writing for clients such as Ford, Toyota, White Castle and Bosch.

Today, Susy is a full-time writer with expertise in website content, banner ads, blogs, print ads, radio ads and corporate bios. She happily works from home on her MacBook Pro (she is a confirmed Apple snob), surrounded by her unwitting accomplices in creativity: her two large cats and one small dog.